Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Summer Six ~ Review ~ Giveaway ~ In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Dead Good Books launches it's Summer Reading Campaign with the Summer Six

Six books that they're recommending as fab page turners and real holiday suitcase space worthy!

You can join in with the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from 25th July using the hashtag #SummerSix

Tweet  @DeadGoodBooks which of the books you’d recommend to a friend using #SummerSix or snap a written version of your recommendation on Instagram with the hashtag and you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win a set of all six books and an additional set to gift on to a friend.

Running out of space in your suitcase? Never fear – Dead Good Books are also giving you the chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite too so you can take loads of wonderful books with you!

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For your delectation
~** Here are the Summer Six**~

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I was lucky to be invited to be one of the bloggers given the chance to read one of the books 
In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.

 Here are my thoughts plus the chance to win a copy of the book in my UK only giveaway.

The Blurb

In a dark, dark wood

Nora hasn't seen Clare for ten years. Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back. 

There was a dark, dark house

Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s hen do arrives. Is this a chance for Nora to finally put her past behind her

And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room

But something goes wrong. Very wrong.

And in the dark, dark room...
Some things can’t stay secret for ever

My thoughts about In a Dark Dark Wood

If you go down to the woods tonight be sure not to go alone otherwise you may get tangled in this very cleverly controlled story of revenge and retribution.  What starts off as a group of alleged friends gathering in a secluded house in the woods for a hen party, rapidly becomes something far more sinister, and as old secrets come to the surface, so the fickle finger of fate starts to intervene with disastrous consequences.

Leonora Shaw has been invited to the hen party of a friend she hasn't seen in over ten years, she is puzzled as to why she has been contacted after such a long time but, as with all things, just sometimes, against your better judgement, you go along with an event even though you know that deep down it just feels wrong to do so.

I read the book quickly over the space of a few hours and I found the first person narrative, the story is told from Leonora's point of view, quite compelling.  There is much to take in and the pace is really fast and even though there were times when I questioned whether the characters would act the way they did, I couldn't stop myself from powering through the book at top speed in order to find out just what was going on with this disparate gathering of odd bods.

In a dark dark wood is a complex and multi-layered psychological suspense story which gives rise to the notion that we never really know what makes our friends tick and the old adage of keep your enemies close couldn't be truer. The author writes with great conviction and keeps control of a complicated plot whilst at the same time cranking up the tension. The added bonus of putting so many unstable narrators into one place makes it a real challenge to know who is telling the truth and why they are acting in the way they did but I enjoyed rising to that challenge. Throughout the story there is a real sense that this hen party is not going to end well, of course whether it does or not, you'll have to find out for yourselves.

Written with a fine eye for detail, In a dark dark wood is deliciously sinister, with more than a hint of ice cold terror, it’s a perfect holiday read and I loved it.

Best Read with …Pepperoni pizzas and ice cold tequila slammers.

Leave us a lovely comment after this blog post to be in with a chance of winning a copy of  In A Dark Dark Wood and of course, leave us a contact email or we won't be able to find you again and that would be disastrous if you're the winner.
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 Happy Summer Reading


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Well done 


  1. Great review Jo. In A Dark Dark Wood is on my wishlist. Sounds a fantastic read x

    Emma @damppebbles

    1. Hi Emma - thanks for visiting. Good luck in the giveaway :)

  2. great review Jo, every single one of those books is either in my tbr pile, or in my wish list, and in a dark dark wood does sound perfect to read with pepperoni pizza and ice cold tequila! dawnobrien9@icloud.com

    1. Hi Dawn, yes they are a tempting bunch of reads aren't they. I've read 4 out of the six -Good luck :)

  3. Some really good books in the #summersix

    Great review too.

    Eamil: wrightnsalmon@yahoo.co.uk

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for visiting. Best of luck :)

  4. Like the look of all these. Checking them out, thanks

    1. Hi Judith ~ lovely so have you visit. Best of luck in the giveaway :)

  5. I have all of them on my wishlist except In a Dark, Dark Wood! How on earth has that one passed me by .. rectified & now on my list. Thanks for the heads up. Great review xx

    1. Hi Ali - I'm alwyas happy to help to add to people's wishlists ! Best of luck :)

  6. This is from Marie J who is having problems adding a comment so I agreed to add it for her ..

    "Love the look of this one x "

  7. And the winner is Ali - well done . your book will be on it's way soon :)
    Thanks everyone for entering, sorry you couldn't all win !!


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