Sunday 18 May 2014

Sunday WW1 Remembered...



Eileen Newton

Let us forget tomorrow! For tonight 
At least, with curtains drawn, and driftwood piled 
On our own hearthstone, we may rest, and see 
The firelight flickering on familiar walls. 
(How the blue flames leap when an ember falls!) 
Peace, and content, and soul-security— 
These are within. Without, the waste is wild 
With storm-clouds sweeping by in furious flight, 
And ceaseless beating of autumnal rain 
Upon our window pane. 

The dusk grows deeper now, the flames are low: 
We do not heed the shadows, you and I, 
Nor fear the grey wings of encroaching gloom, 
So softly they enfold us. One last gleam 
Flashes and flits, elusive as a dream, 
And then dies out upon the darkened room. 
So, even so, our earthly fires must die; 
Yet, in our hearts, love's flame shall leap and glow 
When this dear night, with all it means to me, 
Is but a memory!


There is virtually no information available about Eileen Newton or her poem Last Leave
but the emotion expressed within its verse is heartfelt and rather beautiful as this couple share a last night of intimacy.



  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing this poem with us! Hx

    1. Thanks Helena - I agree, it is a beautiful poem x

  2. Thanks my dear. I see this was published in 1918, and somehow I hope that he was able to come back to her. Shed a little tear... for all those who did not come back and those left behind.

    1. There's virtually no information about the poet, so I would like to think that this lover came back home.
      Let's hope so ....


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