Thursday 22 May 2014

Happy Publication Day ~ After the Honeymoon by Janey Fraser

Published 22 May

Two couples share a honeymoon destination at the beautiful Villa Rosa on the idyllic Greek island of Siphalonia. On the surface everything should be as perfect as possible but sometimes life doesn't always work out quite as you planned it. Winston is a celebrity fitness guru seeking an intimate retreat with his new wife, Melissa, what he doesn't bargain for is the unexpected arrival of his wife's two teenage children. Emma is a reluctant honeymooner who feels bereft at leaving her children back at home.  When her new husband Tom proves to be a wet blanket, moaning about food poisoning and the heat, Emma starts to wonder if this marriage lark is going to be all it’s cracked up to be. And then there’s Rosie, the lovely villa owner who has long buried secrets of her own which, if revealed, threaten to upset, not just her own life, but also that of her beloved son Jack.

What then follows is a perceptive and sharply written story about the diverse nature of relationships. Beautifully observed and with some genuine funny moments this delightful story made me smile. The characters are so true to life that they could be people you would meet on holiday, from the smooching honeymoon couple, to the archetypal Greek fisherman, all are infused with the warmth and energy of a perfect Greek summer. The sun is shining and the calm blue sea is as inviting as only the Mediterranean can be and with a glass of something cold in hand this book will make an ideal beach or poolside read.

 I loved it.

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  1. One for the wishlist!

    1. Hi and welcome Frangi - thanks for taking the time to comment. This lovely story is just your cuppa tea !


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