Thursday 22 May 2014

Happy Publication Day ~ The Diamond Ring By Primula Bond

22 May 2014

Fans of Gustav and Serena who have followed this series from the very beginning will not be disappointed in this third and final piece of the trilogy jigsaw puzzle which opens where book two ended. Gustav and Serena are completely wrapped up, quite literally, in each other and their sensuous appeal really knows no bounds, and yet like a blot on their intimate landscape is Gustav's ex wife, Margot, who is determined to do all that she can to sever the unbreakable connection between these two captivating lovers.

In many ways this final piece of the trilogy has a darker edge to it. There are episodes of anger, deception and betrayal and times when the unbreakable bond between Gustav and Serena is tested to its absolute limit. And yet, running through the story like a silken thread is the undeniable passion that they have for each other and the hope that in the end good will overcome pure evil. As always, the author captures the erotic world of opulent desire and takes the reader on a tumultuous journey, from the allure of Paris, through to the exotic world of the Moroccan souk, and with verve and panache skilfully manoeuvres the plot to its dramatic conclusion.

I'm not an avid reader of erotic fiction, not from any prudish sensibility, but more because I have never found an erotic novel with a story to capture my literary imagination. However, I am delighted to write that with this trilogy, I have been completely won over by the author’s passionate storytelling and have been enthralled in Gustav and Serena’s story from beginning to end.


My thanks to Avon and Olivia at for my e- copy of this book

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