Tuesday 27 July 2021

πŸ“– Book Review ~ Trapped by Anna Smith

March 2021

Kerry Casey #4

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

Kerry Casey is still reeling from the bombshell that her lover, undercover cop Vinny Burns, has gone missing in Spain. She's pregnant with his baby and will do anything to find him.

One night, driving along a country road, Kerry and her Uncle Danny are ambushed by gunmen. In the confusion that follows, shots are fired and two men are murdered. Kerry and Danny can only look on as the bodies are dragged from their assailant's car and placed in their own.

The police arrive in minutes. With cocaine, dead bodies and guns in the car, it looks like an open-and-shut case.

Kerry's been framed. She is forced to wait out her fate inside a women's prison, still not knowing what has happened to Vinnie. On the outside the Casey gang are hunting down the men who did this to her and they will stop at nothing to find them.

πŸ“– My thoughts..

When crime boss, Kerry Casey and her Uncle Danny are waylaid on a quiet stretch of road, it can only mean trouble especially when Kerry and Danny are framed for a crime they didn't have anything to do with, but in this latest novel it would seem that old grudges run deep and pretty soon it becomes a race against time to see who can outwit the faster in order to get those who are targeting the Casey family.

As always this gritty crime series hits the ground running with two stories running concurrently both of which have particular relevance if you have followed the series from the beginning. Not only do we follow Kerry as she languishes, on remand, in a tough women's prison, but we also catch up with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kasey's boyfriend, Vinny Burns, an undercover police officer who has gone missing in Spain.

It is possible to read Trapped as a standalone story but as this is book four in the series, and quite possibly the last, there is a definite sense of tying up a few loose ends. As always the action is hard hitting and moves along at such a great pace that it's possible to lose complete track of time as you become immersed in the gritty world of gangland crime, a world which has terrible repercussions for those who get on the wrong side of each other. The author certainly knows how to keep the tension racked up to high and brings both place and people alive, even though, most of them aren't the sort of people you would like to meet there is a believability to them and you can't help but hope that Kerry Casey comes out on the winning side 😊

Anna Smith has been a journalist for over twenty years and is a former chief reporter for the Daily Herald in Glasgow. She has covered wars across the world as major news investigations and news stories for Dunblane to Kosovo to 9/11. Anna spends her time between Lanarkshire and Dingle in the West of Ireland as well as in Spain to escape the British weather.

Twitter @annasmithauthor


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