Wednesday 8 April 2020

Book Review ~ Her Last Secret by P L Kane

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January 2020

My thanks to the author for my ecopy of this book

Jordan Radcliffe is found stabbed to death.

Her boyfriend’s finger prints are on the knife and his clothes are covered in her blood.

Case closed… Or is it?

When Jordan’s estranged father Jake learns of his only daughter’s death, he is convinced that there is more to her murder than he is being told. But Jake hasn’t seen Jordan for over three years and, with secrets of her own, she was far from the child he abandoned all those years ago.

Jake’s ex-wife Jules, is reluctant to let him waltz back into her life. But with a question mark hanging over the case, Jake knows that he must piece together the fragments of evidence before it is too late.

Will he ever discover the truth?

What did I think about it..

The story gets off to a dramatic start with an opening chapter which sets the scene for what is to come in this cleverly thought out murder mystery.

It would seem almost from the beginning of the murder investigation that the perpetrator of Jordan Radcliffe's murder is pretty much decided, however, Jordan's father, Jake, is determined to leave nothing to chance as he searches for more evidence, determined to put right all the wrongs he feels he is responsible for in Jordan's short life.

Her Last Secret is not so much a police procedural although the investigation into Jordan's death certainly features but rather this is more about the guilt of those who are left behind who feel that they could have done more, been more, helped more and who in the face of such profound sadness feel that they only way to assuage their guilt is do everything possible to catch whoever is responsible.

There's so much to say about Her Last Secret but I don't want to give anything away as this is a story better read without any preconceived notions of where it is heading. Throughout the story there are varied plots twists, and more than enough excitement to keep you guessing. I especially enjoyed getting to know the main characters, particularly Jake, who is carrying more than his share of  angst, the reason for his particular sadness is revealed as the story progresses.

Well written with an ability to get right into the heart of the characters, particularly between family  members, Her Last Secret is a cleverly controlled murder mystery which will keep you guessing until the very last twist in the tale.

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