Tuesday 27 June 2017

Blog Tour ~ Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson

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What's it all about ...

Art student and former model Diana has always been admired for her beauty, but what use are good looks when you want to shine for your talent? Insecure and desperate for inspiration, Diana needs a muse.

Facially disfigured four-year-old Cal lives a life largely hidden from the world. But he was born to be looked at and he needs love too. A chance encounter changes everything and Cal becomes Diana’s muse. But as Diana’s reputation develops and Cal grows up, their relationship implodes.

Both struggle to be accepted for what lies within.

Is it possible to find acceptance in a society where what's on the outside counts for so much?

What did I think about it ...

Former model, Diana is a young art student when she first meets four year old Cal who is locked away in his own private world, hidden from view by his drug addled parents because of a facial disfigurement. Diana finds inspiration for her art in Cal and using him as her muse, she not only produces some spectacular artwork but she also fall in love with Cal.

As Diana and Cal's lives intertwine we find some comfort in that two quite damaged souls are able to find some sort of resolution with each other, and yet, damaged as they are, their combined stories make such a fascinating story. I think the author has done a really good job of allowing us a glimpse into the life affirming idea that we are all worth so much more than what we see, superficially, on the surface, and that by exploring people, quite literally, skin deep, we gain so much more of an insight into their character.

Taking the concept of beauty and the beast, and turning it on its head, is really interesting idea and I think that the author has done a good job of allowing the story to evolve without ever resorting to over-sentimentality. The characterisation is good; I loved Cal from the beginning, and yet, I wasn’t very sure about Diana, her motives in caring so much for the boy were commendable and yet, there were times when I felt that she was just as guilty of manipulating him for her own success as perhaps others were for seeing only his disfigurement, and not the person inside.

Skin Deep is an interesting novel, with a well written thoughtful insight into what makes us, despite our defects, continually search for an elusive perfection.

Best Read With ...Coffee and thick slices of buttered toast...

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  1. Thanks so much for taking part and for such a considered review. Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for the invitation to be part of the blog tour and for the chance to read Skin Deep. Much appreciated.


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