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Review ~ The Love of Julius by J D Smith

Quinn Publications
June 2015
(Short Story)

I had a hospital appointment just recently and needed something quick to read in the waiting room. Looking through my kindle, I was relieved to find this story by J D Smith which easily transported me away from the rather bleak NHS waiting area and took me to a land far away, to a couple who fate had decreed should fall in love but be on opposing sides.

As always the strength of this author's writing had me completely engrossed. The story works well as an introduction to the equally excellent Overlord series and it kept me entertained completely and I could very easily have read more..

The Love of Julius is a prequel to the first book in the Overlord series but can easily be read as a quick standalone short story. It is currently a free download on Amazon kindle.

Amazon UK

I was introduced to this talented author a while ago when I read her version of the classic love story Tristan and Iseult. I then went on to read, The Rise of Zenobia, which starts the Overlord series and charts the fall of the Roman Empire in a very readable way.

Tristan and Iseult Cover MEDIUM The Rise of Zenobia Cover Cover MEDIUM The Fate of an Emperor Cover MEDIUM WEB The Better of Two Men

As always with these interesting stories I am completely enamored by the book covers which are always beautifully designed by the author herself.

About the Author

As well as an author and book cover designer, Jane is also a member of the Triskele Books collective, editor of the writers' ezine Words with JAM, and the readers' review site Bookmuse.

J.D.   Smith

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My thanks to Jane for sharing her books with me.


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