Sunday 5 April 2015

Sunday WW1 Poem...

The theme for this month's WW1 poems 


Literary Figures 

Those poets who are perhaps better known for their stories

Rudyard Kipling

1865- 1936

Wrote amongst others, The Just So Stories for Little Children, which includes The Jungle Book

and Jaffa's favourite .....The Cat Who Walked by Himself

Rudyard Kipling.jpg

Gethsemane (1914-1918)

The Garden called Gethsemane   
   In Picardy it was,   
And there the people came to see   
   The English soldiers pass.
We used to pass—we used to pass   
   Or halt, as it might be,
And ship our masks in case of gas   
   Beyond Gethsemane.

The Garden called Gethsemane,   
   It held a pretty lass,
But all the time she talked to me
   I prayed my cup might pass.   
The officer sat on the chair,
   The men lay on the grass,   
And all the time we halted there
   I prayed my cup might pass.

It didn’t pass—it didn’t pass-
   It didn’t pass from me.
I drank it when we met the gas   

   Beyond Gethsemane!

Rudyard Kipling was born in India. He was a journalist, writer and poet.
In 1907 he was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature.
His only son Jack was killed in action in 1915.


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