Sunday 21 September 2014

Sunday War Poet.....

Anna Gordon Keown


Reported Missing

 My thought shall never be that you are dead:
Who laughed so lately in this quiet place.
The dear and deep-eyed humour of that face
Held something ever-living, in Death's stead.
Scornful I hear the flat things they have said
And all their piteous platitudes of pain.
I laugh! I laugh! -- For you will come again -
This heart would never beat if you were dead.
The world's adrowse in twilight hushfulness,
There's purple lilac in your little room,
And somewhere out beyond the evening gloom
Small boys are culling summer watercress.
Of these familiar things I have no dread
Being so very sure you are not dead.

Anna Gordon Keown was an English author and poet.
 The sonnet Reported Missing, which she wrote in her youth, is her best remembered work 
and is studied extensively in schools as part of the GCSE curriculum.



  1. Oh! ... "This heart would never beat if you were dead". made me cry......

    1. I know Susan - these poems are all so heartbreakingly sad...


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