Saturday 12 October 2013

Edward III and the Triumph of England by Richard Barber

Edward III and the Triumph of England: The Battle of Crecy and the Company of the Garter
Penguin  Books UK
August 29th 2013

Edward III, hero of  Crécy, and one of England's most renowned Kings is the focus for this comprehensive and well written historical tome. From the beginning, the book is layered with chivalric honour and tales of military tactics which helped to catapult this small and rather insignificant country towards martial victory on a grand scale.

To be honest I found the book rather heavy going in places, and whilst I cannot deny that the book is packed full of historical content, the prospect of reading the book in linear fashion was a little daunting. 

I think that this book is something to be dipped into and out of when the mood takes you, and best read in small manageable portions which are then going to be easier to digest and absorb.

I am a huge advocate for the use of ebooks but on this occasion I feel that I have missed something by reading it electronically. My opinion is that this book is probably more enjoyable in paper form, not only will it look impressive on a book shelf, but also flipping backwards and forwards is still easier on paper, and this book is definitely one of those that you need to be able to back track easily.

If you enjoy medieval history, then this book is well worth having a look at.

My thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Books UK for my digital copy of this book.

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