Friday 3 May 2013

Literary Walk ~ In the footsteps of the Brontës...

 My latest literary walk took me into Brontë country and a trip to Haworth in Yorkshire.

Home of Branwell, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë

Patrick and Maria Brontë and their six young children arrived in Haworth in April 1820. 

Patrick had been appointed as the perpetual curate of St Michael’s and All Angels church in Haworth, and the attractive parsonage at the top of the village was to be their home. However, tragedy was about to strike the family, when less than a year later, Maria Brontë died, leaving her six young children in the care of her husband and her sister, Elizabeth.

This shows the parsonage and the adjacent churchyard.
The rooks in the trees above keep up a cacophony of  raucous sound 

This  shows the cobbled street at the side of the parsonage
which the Brontës would have used to get into the village of Haworth

This is The Black Bull Pub
where Branwell Bronte was a frequent visitor.

Haworth is a pretty Yorkshire town

but flat shoes are preferable on the cobblestones!

View along Main Street which shows the cobbled street

View down Main Street against the back drop of the
Yorkshire hills

St Michael and All Angels Church

The stone shows where the gate once stood which the Brontes used to get into the churchyard
from the parsonage.

East Window
St Michaels and All Angels Church

Brontës in Memoriam

This view from the parsonage no doubt inspired Emily when she wrote
Wuthering Heights.

I enjoyed my tour of the parsonage, it's a fascinating experience to wander around the home of the Brontës. To see the dining room where Charlotte, Emily and Anne sat late at night composing their great literary works gives a better insight into their world.

There is no photography allowed inside the parsonage, but you'll find more details


  1. I really enjoyed this post, you've brought back some fond memories for me, I've spent several happy weekends and day visits in Haworth, I love it there. I'm so glad you enjoyed looking around the place and the parsonage. I have a fondness for the Bronte's and would love to go back there again someday.

    1. Hi Lindsay - so glad you enjoyed the post about Howarth. It's a lovely place to visit and really brings the Bronte stories to life.

      Hope you get to visit again soon :)


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