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Polygon An Imprint of Birlinn Limited (6 Jun 2013)


Rosemary Goring

Eighty miles south of Edinburgh in the devastated village of Flodden, the aftermath of battle can be seen in the ruins of despair. Patrick Paniter, the deceased king’s secretary is a troubled man, hounded by nightmares and memories he would rather forget. Louise Brenier is a feisty young heroine, whose family has been profoundly affected by the consequences of Flodden. Her search for her brother, Benoit, missing since the battle, will lead Louise into the very depths of political danger and will force her to re-evaluate everything she has ever known about love and loss.

After Flodden is an epic adventure on a grand scale, and by combining fact with fiction, the author has skilfully merged the thrill of conspiracy, with a touch of romance. Rich in atmosphere, and alive with intrigue, the unfurling narrative sweeps effortlessly through three months during 1513, with vivid flashbacks to the Scottish preparations for battle, and describes in detail the traumatic consequences of a country in conflict. The utter desolation of the Scottish borderland and the warring factions of clan against clan are fearsomely described within a story of duplicitous deception. By accurately blending factual historical figures within a strong fictitious cast, the authenticity of the story is maintained, and the sights, sounds and smells of sixteenth century Scotland are impressively recreated.

I am reassured that the author is already planning to continue the story, as there is no doubt that the political consequences of the Scottish defeat at Flodden had a lasting legacy.

Huge thanks to newbooks for the opportunity to read this book in advance of its UK publication.

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