Thursday 11 April 2013

Review ~ One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

One Step Too Far
Kirk Parolles; 1 edition (15 April 2013)

One Step Too Far


An apparently happy marriage. A beautiful son. A lovely home. So what makes Emily Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life – changing her name, holing up in a grotty house in North London, taking a dead-end job where she won’t be found. Has she had a breakdown? Was it to escape her dysfunctional family, especially her malevolent twin Caroline who always seemed to hate her? And what is the anniversary that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past? No-one has ever guessed her secret. Will you?

Emily Coleman's life is disintegrating and she sees no option but to leave her life behind and start again in London where no-one has any idea of her identity. When she abandons her husband and young son, all she takes with her are painful memories, not just of who she is, but also of the effect that her dangerous twin sister Caroline has on her.

What then follows is an intricately woven story which tells the story of abandonment - not just from family and friends but also from oneself, and even as Emily starts a new life in London, she finds that fragments of herself can never disappear entirely.

Intricately plotted, the book moves along at a cracking pace, which can be a little confusing and sometimes  I felt like I wanted to skip back a few pages to clarify something important I may have missed. However, the twists in the plot when they come, really take you by surprise and I must say I never saw them coming.

Originally written in  2010, this is a good debut book and well worth picking up when you see it in the book stores.

My thanks to NetGalley and Kirk Parolles for my review copy of One Step Too Far.

Published 15 April 2013


  1. I really enjoyed the twists and turns that this book too. A surprising and pleasing find


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