Saturday 20 April 2013

Review ~ Roses Have Thorns by Sandra Byrd

Roses Have Thorns: A Novel of Elizabeth I (Ladies in Waiting #3)

Roses Have Thorns


Sandra Byrd

Roses Have Thorns is the third book in the lady in waiting series of historical novels which are set during the turbulent Tudor era. This novel focuses on the relationship between Elizabeth I and her court. When seventeen year old Elin von Snakenborg arrives in England from Sweden, she is unsure of her place in the world, when she courted by the Duke of Northampton, she decides to settle in England and become a lady in waiting at the queen’s court. Her relationship with the Duke of Northampton elevates her into the higher echelons of English nobility, and also involves her in Tudor intrigue at the highest level.

This is a fine depiction of the glittering network of intrigue which surrounds Elizabeth, and those courtiers who flutter like moths to a flame. There is enough historical accuracy to maintain the integrity of the story, and as always Sandra Byrd infuses her characters with such charm and charisma that the book is very easy to read and enjoy. It is not necessary to have read all the books in chronological order as they work very well as standalone reads; however it is fascinating to see how the Tudor court has evolved over time.

I've now read all the books in this series and have enjoyed them all; however Roses have Thorns is my favourite.

My thanks to NetGalley and Howard books for my digital review copy of this book.

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