Sunday 19 December 2021

🎅Fabulously Festive Sunday Brunch ~ Jo at Jaffareadstoo

 It's time to light the fire, twinkle the fairy lights and mull the wine

🎄Come and join us for a Fabulously Festive Sunday Brunch🎄

A huge welcome to our Fabulously Festive Brunch today

🎅What festive food are you bringing to this Christmas Sunday brunch?

Traditional turkey, with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire puddings which are a must have!

🎅What would you like to drink; we have buck’s fizz, mulled wine, egg nog, gingerbread latte or a cup of spiced tea?

The only time I ever drink Buck’s Fizz is on Christmas morning. It’s become something of a tradition now to pop the fizz at breakfast time. 

🎅Where shall we eat our festive brunch, around the kitchen table, by the fire in the formal dining room, or outside on the patio?

I think it will be pretty chilly outside so we’ll eat in the formal dining room, the table set with a pristine white tablecloth, the best China and sparkling glassware. Maybe a candle or two to give off a warm glow.

🎅Shall we have festive music playing in the background? If so will you share with us a favourite piece of music or Christmas carol.

Definitely have soft music in the background. I’m a huge fan of Christmas playlists on Spotify and love the simple beauty of Arúna’s version of Gaudete and The Coventry Carol.

🎅Which of your literary heroes (dead or alive) are joining us for our festive Sunday Brunch today?

Charles Dickens to read a chapter of two of A Christmas Carol, Dr Seuss to read a chapter of The Grinch Stole Christmas and then maybe Agatha Christie to set us a good murder mystery quiz.

🎅Which favourite Christmas book will you bring to Sunday Brunch?

A Christmas Carol, it’s my favourite go to Christmas read.

🎅Do you have any special Christmas Traditions?

A nativity is very important and I have a couple of sets of figures which are at least a hundred years old. My most precious is a handmade pottery nativity set my mother made when, in her late seventies, she took up pottery. The set is simple, beautiful and poignant. I hope it will stay in the family for ever.

🎅Are you tinsel or glitter?

Tinsel. I have an irrational fear of glitter.

🎅Are you real tree or artificial?

Artificial. I love the smell of real trees but hate the mess and because I have always had cats, the real trees never lasted long before one of them would try to climb it. Timmy has never attempted to climb the artificial tree….yet!

🎅Are you mince pie or yule log?

Definitely mince pie. I usually eat my body weight in mincemeat before Christmas is over. My favourites are from a small local bakery.

🎅Are you Christmas crackers or party poppers?

Christmas Crackers, I love the naff jokes and gifts – the cheaper and cornier the better. I’m always excited when I get the book marker, or mini pack of playing cards.

🎅After brunch shall we play party games, or collapse in front of the television with a huge box of chocolates?

Telly and chocs after a fierce game of Monopoly.

Thank you for joining us for our Fabulously Festive Sunday Brunch

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  1. Happy Christmas Jo and here's to a happy and healthy 2022 xx


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