Tuesday 28 April 2015

Review ~ An Irish Promise by Isabella Connor

Choc Lit

Emerald Isle Romance #2

Art historian, Rachel Ford returns to the Irish village of Kilbrook, ostensibly to study a rare set of art murals in the local church. However, Rachel is seeking revenge on the childhood bullies who once made her life a misery. Changed, beyond recognition, Rachel is quickly able to ingratiate herself into local society, whilst the bullies, now adults themselves, have no idea that they are about to get their comeuppance. Australian actor, Finn Mackenzie arrives in Kilbrook to help his aunt with a local school production of A Christmas Carol. Irresistibly drawn to Rachel, Finn needs to address some problems of his own before he can risk making a commitment.

What then follows is a well written look at the effect that childhood bullying can have, not just  on the victim at the time, but also, of the effects that linger well into adulthood. What this story shows is that there are always two sides to every story and that judging people by their actions, isn't always the best way to react.

The story is written with warmth and sensitivity. The characters are believable, and whilst not always likeable, I can think of two in particular that I actively disliked, there is no doubt that they are all memorable in their own way. The charm of the Irish countryside comes alive and the small town mentality, of a town, where everyone knows everyone else's business, is explored in fine detail. Everyone sits well within the story, and as their lives are revealed,  it becomes obvious that there is far more to these characters than is at first revealed.

I really enjoyed An Irish Promise and look forward to the continuation of the Emerald Isle Romance series by this talented duo of authors.

My thanks to the authors for sharing their book with me.

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An interview with Isabella Connor can be found here



  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Jo. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Liv x

    1. My pleasure Liv and thanks again for sharing your book with me x

  2. Spot on review for a wonderful book!

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments :)


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