πŸ’”J A F F A 2007 - 2021πŸ’”

Jaffa, the orange cat, who stole his way into so many hearts, has gone. 

His spirit flew free on June 2nd 2021 and our hearts are broken


This is the last photograph of Jaffa in the garden at peace in his world.


Jaffa, Cat of Glory

Once, so golden in the gleaming sun,

now gone, with a rainbow of lights to guide his way.

No more the patter of quiet paws, which touched soft earth

to feel the crisp of green, or the snuggling caress of yellow.

No more gentle touches from vibrant orange

or the soft, sweet companionship of quiet love.

Just a whisper of pristine white, as he moves, with silent grace,

towards the glorious morning only he can see.



2007 - 2021



  1. This is such sad news, Jo. Jaffa seemed such a beautiful companion. I've always loved seeing photos of him. Sending you much sympathy.


Thanks for taking the time to comment - Jaffareadstoo appreciates your interest.