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In 2011 I took a leap of faith and entered the world of book blogging. With no technical knowledge of where to start, or indeed of how maintain a website, I enthusiastically signed up to Blogger.

However, having the website wasn’t enough, my blog needed a name and so with the help of Jaffa, my glorious, ginger cat, Jaffareadstoo was born. Initially my blog was simply a place to add my thoughts and when I started to tentatively add my book reviews, I did so safe in the knowledge that no-one would read them.

With patience and enthusiasm for what we do, Jaffareadstoo is now firmly established in the book blogging world. On most days we have lots of page views and average between 5K-10K views each month. With over 2500 followers on Twitter and a dedicated Facebook page our blog posts regularly reach out to readers, authors, publishers and fellow bloggers.

Of course in order to review, first I must read, and I have an eclectic taste in books and can’t imagine a day where I don’t have a least a couple of books on the go. With Jaffa and Timmy curled up nearby and armed with copious amounts of my favourite Darjeeling tea, I read in the afternoons and late into the evening and can comfortably read an average length novel in a day.

Elevenyears, and over 4000 blog posts later, Jaffareadstoo continues to survive and thrive in a competitive world. Being a book blogger is an absolute joy and it’s always a real privilege and such an honour when an author trusts their work with me.

We are usually found curled up with a good book and do all that we can to promote books and reading.

So grab yourself a cuppa and come at take a look at what we do...

You are most welcome


Sadly, Jaffa flew across the rainbow bridge on the 2nd June 2021. He will always be a huge part of Jaffareadstoo and is loved and missed forever. 

Sleep well, my editor-in-chief 





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