Thursday 19 June 2014

The Author in my spotlight is ....Kimberley Chambers

I am delighted to welcome to the blog

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whose latest novel

Payback is out in paperback today

Published 19 June

Harper Collins Publishers

This gritty and thrilling novel set in the seedy world of drugs, violence and poverty with all the ingredients of a fast-paced novel that will have you gripped to the very last word. 

PAYBACK reached no 1 in The Sunday Times bestseller charts on Hardback publication in January 2014. 


Kimberley ~ welcome to Jaffareadstoo and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

 What can you tell us about Payback that will pique the reader’s interest?

 The story is based around a young child who goes missing. Molly Butler is as cute as they come, but her father has made many enemies in his lifetime. The truth about Molly's disappearance doesn't come to light until the very end of the book, and it's shocking to say the least !

Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

I've led a different life to most authors. I grew up in Dagenham where you had to be streetwise to survive. I also worked as a market trader in the East End for many years, so have always been surrounded by colourful characters. I find it relatively easy to create strong dysfunctional families like the Butlers. My family wasn't exactly normal. 

Do you outline the plot first, or do you let the story go wherever it takes you?

I usually have a beginning and an end. But nine times out of ten, I change my mind about the ending. I just tend to let the story go with the flow. As I finish a chapter, the next naturally springs to mind. For instance, I was going to kill Eddie Mitchell off at the end of The Feud. So glad I didn't as that trilogy has been very popular and without Eddie, it wouldn't have worked.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

No. I prefer to create my own. 

What do you think makes a good fictional villain?

Keeping them real. Plus power, wealth, fear etc. It helps if they're good looking as well. I’ve had many of my female readers tell me they wouldn't kick the likes of Vinny and Michael Butler out of bed. Same goes for Eddie Mitchell. Male readers wanted to be him, and it's unprintable what the women said ;-) 

If Payback was optioned for a TV drama, who would you choose to play Vinny and Michael?

To be honest, I've never really thought about it. The reason being is if it ever went to drama, I probably wouldn't get much say in the matter. Vinny's quite sinister, so if it were up to me i,d opt for a powerful actor such as Tom Hardy. As for Michael Butler, I think Danny Dyer would play him rather well.

Can you tell us what you are writing next?

I've just finished The Wronged. It's another in the Butler series. Follows on from Payback and comes out early Feb.

Kimberley Chambers lives in Romford and has been, at various times, a disc jockey and a street trader. She is now a full-time writer and is the author of seven previous novels.
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Thank you Kimberley - It's been a real pleasure to host this interview.

Jaffa and I wish you continued success with your writing.




  1. Great interview, I got this as an ARC, my review on RISI and website if your interested. I think the two brothers who were in spandu ballet who also played the Krays would be great for those two


    1. HI Lainy - Great review on your blog ! I agree that the Kemp brothers would make a great Vinny and Michael..


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