Monday 2 June 2014

Book A Day....part one

Great fun currently on Twitter with this initiative from @boroughpress


I'm joining in on twitter @jaffareadstoo

but I will also post my book choice on this thread.

Favourite Book from Childhood
The Family at Red Roofs by Enid Blyton

Best Bargain
A beautiful hardback copy of The Lie by Helen Dunmore
for 50p from a book charity shop

Ones with a blue cover

Least favourite book by favourite author

Doesn't belong to me

(On loan from the Library)

The one I always give as a gift

Forgot I owned it

Bought another copy from the Bronte Parsonage


Have more than one copy

Because one copy is never enough


Film or TV tie-in

Not read it or seen the TV series

Reminds me of someone I love

My children loved this one


Second-hand bookshop gem


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