Sunday 20 April 2014

Sunday War Poet....

Siegfried Sassoon

(1886 - 1967)

A Child's Prayer

For Morn, my dome of blue, 
For Meadows, green and gay, 
And Birds who love the twilight of the leaves, 
Let Jesus keep me joyful when I pray. 

For the big Bees that hum
And hide in bells of flowers; 
For the winding roads that come 
To Evening’s holy door, 
May Jesus bring me grateful to his arms, 
And guard my innocence for evermore. 


Siegfried Sassoon was an English poet, writer and soldier. In 1916, he was decorated with the Military Cross for his bravery on the Western Front.

A Child's Prayer written in 1918 recalls the innocent joy of childhood and is in direct contrast to his grittier war poetry.
It is perhaps an appropriate choice for this Easter Sunday.

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