Wednesday 11 December 2013

Review ~ The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Penguin UK
Expected Publication
February 2014

Jessica Thomas is a single mother who is stoically trying to bring up her young daughter Tanzie, and also Nicky her ex- husband’s teenage son. She relies on two jobs to make ends meet, but knowing where her next pound is coming from is a constant source of worry. Tanzie is gifted in mathematics, so when she is offered the chance of a scholarship to a prestigious public school, Jessica knows that she will do whatever it takes in order to make this dream a reality.

Ed Nicholls’ professional life is in complete disarray; he is facing severe corporate punishment for a misdemeanour which has had disastrous consequences on the business he cherished. Alone and lonely, Ed gets drawn into the tangled web of Jessica’s life and before he knows it, he has agreed to help with something which could help Tanzie realise her dreams.

On the surface Jessica and Ed’s world should never have collided but what follows is a finely crafted story of friendship which emphasises the need we all have to believe that true goodness will overshadow all the bad things that life constantly throws our way.

One plus One is a truly delicious story about the bonds which bind us all together. It has a bit of everything; there’s some real laugh out loud funny moments and some equally poignant sad times which make your heart flutter and your soul stay sad. But, the overwhelming glory of this story is the incredible beauty of its writing. Jojo Moyes has got the balance just right and captures the incredible need we all have to be loved and accepted.

To say more about this story would be to do the book, and its author, a complete disservice as it needs to be read in glorious abandon with no preconceptions. Just get a cuppa and big packet of chocolate hobnobs and immerse yourself in this wonderful story.


 My thanks to Penguin UK,  Real Readers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this story in advance of its publication.

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