Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Walk in my Week

Sometimes you don't appreciate what's on your own doorstep. 

The Flood Alleviation System
The Environment Agency's Solution to hold back water from the River Douglas

The Flood Alleviation area is now teeming with flora and fauna and is an ideal
place to walk when its not teeming with rain!

Dappled sunshine from one of the Plantations historic trees

Inspired by reading The King's Mistress by Gillian Bagwell. I took this view of the Tyldesley Memorial
on Wigan Lane. This commemorates the Battle of Wigan Lane in 1651, and marks the spot where royalist Thomas Tyldesley lost his life.

It is so nice to see that this Memorial is still looked after by Wigan Council.
The  baskets of flowers looked really pretty.

Mab's Cross
Another town legend.

This time it's the story of Lady Mabel Bradshaigh who thought her husband had been killed in the Holy War.
She remarried only to have her first husband return. As penance Lady Mabel walked barefoot from her home in Haigh to the site of the cross in Wigan. 

Mab's Cross
 A medieval wayside stone cross and  thought to date from the 13th century. It is linked to the legend of Lady Mabel.


My Home Town.

Made famous by George Orwell in his book
The Road to Wigan pier.

Wigan is a much prettier town than most people imagine.

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