Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review - Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

My thanks to Real Readers for an advance reading copy of this book

Trust Your Eyes


Published 27 September 2012


My 5***** Star Review

The computer programme, Whirl360 allows you to visit the streets of the world from the comfort of your PC. Believing himself to be involved with the CIA, Thomas Kilbride is obsessed with this programme, and is on a mission to memorise the streets of the world. When he inadvertently sees something unusual online, he is unsure of how to deal with it, but Thomas is schizophrenic, and occasionally confuses fact with fiction. He’s about to discover that sometimes you really do have to trust your eyes, but convincing other people is another matter entirely. His determination to get to the bottom of this mystery will involve Thomas and his brother Ray, in a whole heap of trouble.

As with all Linwood Barclay novels, there are several strands to this story, but with impeccable ease and fine attention to detail, all the strands are brought together in this fast action thriller. The mystery at the heart of the story is gutsy and exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but equally inspiring is the relationship between the two brothers in the aftermath of their father’s death. The subject of mental health is handled really well, the frustration experienced by both men is extremely well done, and yet neither patronises nor over sensationalises what Thomas experiences.

This book certainly confirms Linwood Barclay as a master storyteller, his ability to maintain reader interest is evident throughout, and his original and imaginative storylines just get better and better.
 I read Trust Your Eyes over the space of a couple of days, it’s really difficult to put the book down, and the temptation to read just a little bit more is so enticing that you really don’t notice the passage of time.

Linwood Barclay is the author of several high tension novels. 

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  1. High Tension Novels! I didn't know there was such a genre - but what a good name. I don't often read this kind of book, but I do find them great when on holiday, or when not well, because they just zip along and you are in there with them! This one sounds good, not least because it touches on mental illness too.
    Thanks Josie.

  2. Hi Susan - I think I may have christened a new genre there - High tension certainly describes Linwood Barclay books to perfection. I really only started to like this type of book a couple of years ago, when I read a Karin Slaughter book for a risi challenge !!


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