Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review ~ On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

My thanks to Real Readers for a review copy of this book.

On the Island


Tracey Garvis Graves

Published by Penguin July 2012

Anna Emerson is offered the job of tutoring sixteen year old TJ Callahan at his family’s summer home in the Maldives. Travelling together, Anna and TJ board a light aircraft to take them to the island, but when their pilot suffers a fatal heart attack enroute, they crash, and are set adrift in the Indian Ocean. Marooned on uninhabited island, Anna and TJ must learn to cope and adapt to life with no facilities.

Beautifully descriptive of life on the island, Anna and TJ’s relationship evolves and develops over time, and whilst the pace moves on fairly rapidly, there is no compromising of the narrative. The emotional bond between Anna and TJ is handled in such a sensitive and caring way, you can’t help but get emotionally involved with both characters.

On the Island grabbed my attention from the beginning, I had no idea where the story would go, but without giving anything away, I was continually surprised and enchanted. Tracey Garvis Graves has an undeniable gift for storytelling; her narrative is light and easy, she sets the scene perfectly and allows the reader the luxury of getting to really know the characters. There are times when you have to suspend belief, but that, for me, is the magic of storytelling.

Without doubt this is a perfect beach read, best read whilst relaxing on a lounger by a pool, somewhere hot.......

I loved it, so it's  a ....huge 5***** review from me ....


  1. This sounds good, and quite an innovative twist on the desert island plot - I can't think of anything similar where an adult and a teenager who aren't related are thrown together in that kind of situation. Plus I have just booked my summer holiday so am definitely on the lookout for a sun lounger read!

  2. I have this one to read too Josie, it sounds like an enjoyable read.


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