Sunday 4 December 2011

Day 4 of the 30 day book talk...

Favourite book of your favourite series

Cross Stitch

It will come as no surprise that my favourite book of the Outlander series is the first book in the epic saga  of Jamie Fraser
and his English wife Claire....

This is why I love this book -

Cross Stitch has given me the gift of imagination, and the ability to view my world with poetry in my soul and love in my heart...

 In the Damp pre-dawn of an autumn morning. I watch as a pale sun rises above a group of standing stones, and I imagine that I can hear the earth sing and feel the tremor of the standing stones.

 In a wild and windswept Scottish castle I climbed the battlements and stared at the horizon in the hope that a weary band of marauding Highlanders would emerge from the dust of travel, to seek solace and sustenance.

Standing with the glorious landscape of the Scottish highlands opened out before me, and with a blanket of amethyst coloured heather spread like a cloak, I imagined that I could see a tall red haired young warrior gently shielding his female companion as they travelled through the mist of first light.

In an English stately home, I looked with horror at a captain of Dragoon's uniform and tried to banish the thought of a young man's ravishment from my mind.

In the bustle of a Scottish city, I wandered down dark alleyways, searching for a print shop, and a rendezvous with a young man with sedition on his mind, and pain in his soul.

In the opulence of a Parisian château, I heard the swish of satin and the rustle of lace, and knew that Jamie and Claire were close by, and waiting for the dance to start.

 And always with me are a set of black, jet rosary beads, to ward off witches.

Through the power of words, and the ability to make pictures in my mind, this story paints my world in a kaleidoscope of colours.

jaffa's choice

Simon's Cat

With menace in my soul and food on my mind - Simon's cat gives me inspiration and the ability to make lots of mischief in my mind....

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