Thursday 29 December 2011

Day 29 of the 30 day book talk

A Book everyone hated but you liked.

I think hated is rather a strong word for my book choice, but this book certainly divided opinion - it's a Marmite book , you were either in the' loved it', or 'hated it' camp - but when it won the 2009 Man Booker prize my interest in it was vindicated ...

Wolf Hall

This ambitious reworking of Thomas Cromwell's story, detailed not only his rise to power during the reign of Henry VIII, but also explained the humble origin, and volatile upbringing of this dangerously influential statesman.
Thomas Cromwell became the most instrumental political figure of his generation, he was largely responsible for the papal reform of England, and the subsequent break with Rome. Always the power behind Henry's throne,  Cromwell's plotting behind the scenes resulted in both the downfall of Anne Boleyn in 1536, and the failure of Henry's disastrous fourth marriage to Anne of Cleves in 1540. 
Thomas Cromwell was executed for treason in July 1540 - there would be few who mourned his passing.

Hilary Mantel's novel captures the essence of this dangerous time, meticulously researched, the Tudor court is seen as a living breathing hotch potch of disharmony and chaos, and where the ever present threat of danger and corruption, is never far away...

Wolf Hall's sequel Bring up the Bodies is due for publication in  May 2012 - it's already on my wishlist....

jaffa's choice

Marley and Me by John Grogan

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

A book about the world's most lovable dog doesn't feature too highly on many feline reading lists - but I enjoyed this one ...and Marley has such a cute expression.......

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