Wednesday 21 December 2011

Day 21 of the 30 day book talk..

Favourite book from your childhood

I still have my original 1967 copy of The Owl Service, which I bought with a book token I had received for Christmas. It was the first book token I had ever received, and it was with great excitement that I went to the book store to choose a new book for myself. New books were quite a rarity, mainly my books came from the library, or were gathered from jumble sales or loaned by kind hearted friends. So, to have a completely new book was really special, and it's probably why I have still kept it. It's survived three house moves, and it has spent long periods in dusty old boxes in various lofts - but it's now back on my book shelf where it belongs - an old friend.

Incidentally, The Owl Service was made into a TV drama by Granada television, and was broadcast as a series between 1969-1970,

 Alison and Roger are stepbrother and sister, they are on holiday in Wales, staying in an old manor house that Alison has inherited on her father's death. Befriended by local boy, Gwyn, the trio discover a set of old crockery in the attic. Somehow the owl pattern on the plates keeps disappearing and mysterious things begin to happen...
This is quite a dark story, and I can remember being quite frightened whilst was reading it...but ultimately I loved it.

jaffa's choice

Kittens by Rachael Hale

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This book was sent by my friend Milo - it gives me a warm and cosy feeling in my fur......

Here I am in my Rachael Hale pose.....

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