Wednesday 14 December 2011

Day 14 of the 30 day book talk...

Favourite book of your favourite author

At the risk of being repetitive and because any book in the Outlander saga is a favourite - today's book talk will be the second book in the series - Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon,

Dragonfly in Amber
by Diana Gabaldon

This book sees the continuation of the story up to, and including the battle of Culloden in 1745 - when the Highland army defended the right of the pretender to the throne, Charles Edward Stuart's attempt to take the English crown. The build up, and the history of the ' 45 is expertly captured, and Jamie and Claire face an agonising decision...

The title of this book seems quite obscure but takes inspiration from a piece of Amber, which was gifted to Claire, and trapped within the amber was a tiny dragonfly........

jaffa's choice

The Moon Cottage Cats by Marilyn Edwards

Moon Cottage Cats: v. 2
by Marilyn Edwards

This is my favourite book by my favourite writer and this edition of  the book is even better because there is another jaffa lookalike on the front cover.

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