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Review ~ Stay Dead by Jessie Keane

September 2016

A bit of book blurb..

Stay Dead is the heart stopping sixth book in Jessie Keane's bestselling Annie Carter series. Annie Carter finally believes that life is good. She and Max are back together and she has a new and uncomplicated life sunning herself in Barbados. It's what she's always dreamed of. Then she gets the news that her old friend Dolly Farrell is dead, and suddenly she finds herself back in London and hunting down a murderer with only one thing on her mind ...revenge. But the hunter can so quickly become the hunted, and Annie has been keeping too many secrets. She's crossed and bettered a lot of people over the years, but this time the enemy is a lot closer to home and she may just have met her match.

My thoughts about the book..

This is the sixth book in the Annie Carter series and I sure that there are legions of this author's work who devour her  books as soon as they hit the bookshelf. As this was my first book by this author and therefore my first foray into the complicated world that Annie Carter inhabits, it must be said that I struggled with the story. Not because the writing lets it down, far from it, the plot and characterisation are very good, as the author clearly knows how to target her book towards her audience, but for me, it was more that without the benefit of knowing the series so far, I couldn't quite grasp the hidden nuances which make up so much of the story's overall effect.

There's no doubt that the author writes at a cracking good pace. The story moves along well and the hint of trouble and the constant threat of danger ensures that the story sits comfortably within the gangland crime/thriller genre. If you are already a fan then I am sure that you will love to see where Anna and Max's story moves along too,  however, if like me you are new to the Anna Carter series then it's probably better that you start at the very beginning, it seems like a very good place to start to get to know the fierce and feisty, Anna Carter. 

Best Read with... Large cups of coffee, heavy on the caffeine..

About the Author

Jessie Keane is a top twenty bestselling author. She's lived both ends of the spectrum, and her fascination with London's underworld led her to write Dirty Game, followed by best sellers Black Widow, Scarlet Women, Jail Bird,The Make, Playing Dead, Nameless, Ruthless (the fourth book to feature Annie Carter) and Lawless. Jessie's books have sold more than 750,000 copies, and she is a top 20 bestselling author. She now lives in Hampshire.

My thanks to Katie at Macmillan for my review copy of Stay Dead.


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