Wednesday 16 March 2016

Review ~ The Changing Season by Steven Manchester

The Story Plant

At the start of The Changing Season, Billy Baker and his friend Charlie Philips are just graduating from High School. They are both looking forward to spending time together before starting college, and as the summer stretches before them they are filled with a youthful optimism, life is good and appears uncomplicated. Billy’s one abiding love and the constant in his life is his dog, Jimmy, who he adores unreservedly. This unwavering bond between Billy and Jimmy runs like a thread throughout the novel and is a joy to read.

This contemporary coming of age story has all the trademarks that we have some to expect from this skillful author, who always succeeds in getting into the heart and soul of the characters he portrays so vividly. And as Billy gradually grows into adulthood, he not only learns the value of friendship and family, he also experiences the heart break and unevenness of first love, and suddenly, the whole complicated business of growing up seems far more difficult than Billy could ever have imagined.

As always, the story line draws you in from the beginning. There is much to enjoy, not just in the evolving story of Billy’s coming of age, but also in the intricacies of ordinary life, which are written about in such detail and explained so thoughtfully that you could be right there in the midst of a Baker barbecue or sharing a tent on the beach with Billy and Jimmy.

The Changing Season is not just a coming of age story; it’s also about the treasure of family, the joy of friendship and of the unshakable bonds of love, both canine and human.

Best Read With....Char-grilled burgers from the Baker Barbecue and sneaky swigs of beer, straight from the bottle...

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My thanks to the author for sharing his book with me.


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