Sunday 1 February 2015

Sunday War Poet ...

The theme for this month's WW1 war poems



Love, 1916


May Wedderburn Cannan

One said to me. ‘Seek Love, for he is Joy
Called by another name’.
A second said, ‘Seek Love, for he is Power
Which is called Fame’.
Last said a Third, ‘Seek Love, his name is Peace’.
I called him thrice,
And answer came, ‘Love now is christened Sacrifice’.

May Wedderburn Cannan (1893 -1973)

was a British poet who was active in World War I.
 In 1911 she joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment and trained as a nurse.
In 1918 she went to France and worked in the espionage department of the War Office in Paris.


This poem is also dedicated to the memory 


Frederick Arkwright

Driver RASC

Killed Antwerp, Belgium

1st February 1945


Seek Love, his name is Peace


  1. Short and so bitter-sweet. Another poem that had never crossed my radar, Josie, thank you.

    1. You're right, Susan - short and biter sweet. May Wedderburn Cannan is a prolific poet and well worth a read when you have time..


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