Monday 10 November 2014

Review ~ Home for Christmas by Jan Ruth

Celtic Connections
October  28th 2014

The three festive short stories which collectively form Home for Christmas are a delightful bunch of original tales which delve into the very heart and soul of Christmas. Beautifully crafted and with the author’s fine eye for detail, each story leaves you with a wry smile and a realisation that Christmas all too often brings out the best, and the worst in us. The stories flow really well, and whilst the characters are not always likeable, the awkwardness of the everyday situations they find themselves in, add an authentic feel, and there is real enjoyment to be found in reading about their individual predicaments.

It’s far too easy to dismiss short story writing as a bit of fluff and yet what’s evident in Home For Christmas is just how much work has gone into each story, from the detailed plot development, through to the final polished article, there is no room for waffle and certainly no sign of fluff in any of the stories. In fact, I was so carried away with all the stories that I was disappointed when they ended and I could very easily have gone on to read more as each story is creative and lively enough to be developed into a full length novel.

So, if you’re looking for something to ease the burden of shopping for the ubiquitous Brussel sprout and need to escape with a good story and a gingerbread latte, then load these delightfully long short stories onto your kindle and let the writing of this talented author take you Home for Christmas.



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