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πŸ“– Blog Tour ~ The Girl in the Picture by Melissa Wiesner


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23 August 2021

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book
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You can run from your past, but your secrets will always follow…

Growing up, Tegan’s big brother Jamie did whatever he could to protect her from their troubled parents. But now he’s sick, and Tegan knows his only hope of recovery is taking him far away from the family secrets that still haunt them both. She packs her bags and begins searching for a safe place for them to go.

Trusting other people has only ever lead to pain, but down to her last dollar, Tegan shares a ride with fellow traveler Jack. Just like her, he won’t talk about his home: and as the miles fly by, the unlikely pair grow close.

Arriving in a remote town in the mountains where no one knows her name, Tegan starts to breathe easy. She’ll bring Jamie here, and they’ll finally start over. But then she notices the photos and newspaper clippings in the trunk of Jack’s car. Who is the woman in every frame? And why does she look so familiar…?

Tegan knows the only way to protect herself, and keep her dark family history locked away, is to discover more about the woman in Jack’s photos. But when she does, will the truth help her and Jamie build a new life, or will it tear them apart forever?

An absolutely heartbreaking and powerful novel about the lies we tell ourselves, how far we’d go to protect the ones we love, and what it means to be lost. Perfect for fans of Kerry Fisher, Diane Chamberlain, and Kerry Lonsdale.

πŸ“– My thoughts..

The Girl in the Picture begins with a chance encounter at a roadside diner but for Jack and Tegan the meeting is not without its problems as both of them are escaping painful memories. With not much in common, Jack and Tegan are thrown together on a road trip across some beautiful parts of America, and with overnight stops at tiny run down motels and in picturesque small towns, Jack and Tegan eventually start to open up to each other, but with some pretty heavy stuff going on in both their lives, the odds of a successful relationship between them seems little more than a pipe dream.

What then follows is a lovely story which gradually reveals how these two lonely people have become so damaged. It would appear that both Jack and Tegan are searching for something special but neither of them realise the power of what they have until it's too late. The author writes with a lovely light touch with scenes which made me smile however, I think what makes this story all the more poignant  is that there are some important aspects of the story which deal compassionately with grief and loss. Throughout The Girl in the Picture I felt an emotional connection to both of the characters and as their individual stories are gradually revealed, I only wanted what was best for both Jack and Tegan.

With wonderful characters who move quietly into your heart, and filled with all the charm of small town America, The Girl in the Picture is a lovely, warm-hearted story which delights from start to finish.

About the Author

Melissa Wiesner is a night-owl who began writing novels about five years ago when her early-to-bed family retired for the evening. In 2019, she won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award in the Mainstream Fiction Category for her first novel. Melissa holds two Master’s Degrees in Public Health and Community Agency Counseling. Her day job is in Social Work where she often encounters people knocked down by hard times but who pick themselves up and keep going, just like the characters of her novels. Melissa lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her charming husband and two adorable children.

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