Saturday 21 November 2020

Hist Fic Saturday ~ The Seduction of Laird Sinclair by Kara Griffin


On His Fic Saturday

Let's go back to ...1388

Published 2020
Lairds of the North #1

My thanks to the author for my ecopy of this book

In order to love, she must first seduce…

Callum Sinclair should have known the night the great fireball lit the sky would change everything. He returns from battle wounded of body and heart to find his clan in disarray. Someone within his clan wants him dead and tried to assassinate him, his brother/laird murdered, his wife died in childbirth. Family dysfunction forces him to accept a destiny he never expected.

Violet Danvers’s life takes a complete turn when the king executes her husband for treason. Now he vows she will either wed his favored knight or suffer his punishment. With help from her husband’s ally, the king’s cousin, he sends her to his comrade in Scotland. He gains one promise from her, never to return to England, even if she must seduce the Highlander to gain his aid.

Even with the five rules of enticement, Violet’s seduction doesn’t come easy. Callum is broken of spirit, but she is not one to easily surrender to defeat. With laughter and grace, The Seduction of Laird Sinclair might lead them both to lose their hearts.

What did I think about it..

This is the first in a proposed series of books set in the Scottish highlands and the author gets off to a good start introducing us to an interesting collection of characters who make this part of Scotland their home.

Callum Sinclair lives in the shadow of his eldest brother, Gavin, who is laird of the Sinclair clan, that is, until Callum returns from a particularly ferocious battle only to find that his brother, has been assassinated. With his own life in disarray, Callum finds life difficult, that is until the English woman, Violet Danvers, is sent by the English king's cousin, Henry of Bolingbroke, to take safe refuge north of the border away from evil men who would do her harm. What then follows is the story of a romance conducted under difficult circumstances as not everyone is happy to see Violet take her place in the Sinclair household. 

The author writes well and brings to life the rather eventful time that Violet Danvers has at Girnigoe Castle especially when there seems to be someone who is particularly against her being there. I enjoyed reading how Violet copes with these difficulties whilst at the same time enjoying how she sets about conquering the heart of this rather damaged young Scottish laird. The author does a great job of keeping the authenticity of the historical period alive alongside a story of a will they, won't they attraction between two lost and emotionally damaged people.

There's a sense of getting to know people in this first novel and so it will be interesting to see how the author brings the other, more prominent, characters to life in future stories in this Lairds of the North series. The Seduction of Laird Sinclair is a light and easy to read historical romance set against the dangerous atmosphere of the fourteenth century. 

About the Author

Kara Griffin is the author of Scottish/Highlander and Medieval Historical romances. She always had a vivid imagination and has been an avid reader since her early years. Inspired by her grandfather’s heritage, she loves all things Scottish. From the captivating land to the ancient mysticism, all inspire her to write tales that make you sigh.

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