Friday 20 November 2020

Book Review ~ Murder on the Edge by Lesley Cookman


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1 October 2020

Colin Hardcastle has arranged for two men to meet and discuss the sale of a house. But when Nick Nash - the owner of the property - doesn't show, Colin cannot begin to imagine the events he has set in motion.

Perplexed, Colin tells his friends in Steeple Martin, piquing the interest of Libby Sarjeant - and the Reverend Patti Pearson, who finds Nash's name strangely familiar . . .

Despite her burgeoning reputation as a super-sleuth, Libby is somewhat loath to investigate what seems to be a tragic accident. But when two of Patti's parishioners ask for her help, Libby very quickly finds herself caught up in the mystery. Then Nash's body is found, and things take a darker turn.

As the case unravels, biting deeper into the local community, Nash's shocking past is unearthed and it's up to Libby and her friend Fran Wolfe to help solve the case before it's too late...

What did I think about it..

This is my first introduction to the fictional village of Steeple Martin and to the investigative skills of Libby Sarjeant, a former actor and part-time artist, now turned amateur sleuth. Libby is now into her twenty-first adventure and it is clear that the author has brought this determined character to life in a very realistic way.

The story opens with a mystery concerning the owner of a property who has gone missing in puzzling circumstances and it seems that Libby can't help but be drawn into this rather complex mystery which gets ever darker as the story progresses. The author writes well and with a lively air brings the sleepy English village of Steeple Martin to life in a lovely authentic way. I felt like I was walking around the area with Libby as she tries to discover just why someone would want to do, property owner, Nick Nash irretrievable harm.

The story moves along at an interesting pace, bringing in more characters who I am sure regular readers of the series will be pleased to meet up with again. As a new reader I found the list of characters at the start of the book especially useful and I found that I frequently referred to this list in order to put people into context within the story. 

Gentle humour abounds in this cosy crime mystery and whilst the plot is quite gritty in places, overall I found Libby Sarjeant to be a breath of fresh air and reading Murder on the Edge is a lovely way of escaping the lock down blues.

About the Author

Lesley Cookman is an English crime writer and former editor and journalist. She also wrote for and performed on the stage, and is the author of 21 Libby Sarjeant novels and three novelettes, the Alexandrian Edwardian Mystery series, two romance novels and a book on how to write a pantomime. She has four adult children, two grandchildren and two cats and lives at the British seaside.


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