Thursday 6 February 2020

Social Media Blast ~ The Lantern Men by Elly Griffiths

6 February 2020

Ruth Galloway #12

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

Everything has changed for Dr Ruth Galloway.

She has a new job, home and partner, and is no longer North Norfolk police's resident forensic archaeologist. That is, until convicted murderer Ivor March offers to make DCI Nelson a deal. Nelson was always sure that March killed more women than he was charged with. Now March confirms this, and offers to show Nelson where the other bodies are buried - but only if Ruth will do the digging.

Curious, but wary, Ruth agrees. March tells Ruth that he killed four more women and that their bodies are buried near a village bordering the fens, said to be haunted by the Lantern Men, mysterious figures holding lights that lure travellers to their deaths.

Is Ivor March himself a lantern man, luring Ruth back to Norfolk? What is his plan, and why is she so crucial to it? And are the killings really over?

What did I think about it..

I'm always beyond excited when a new Ruth Galloway is published and in this #12 book in the series it's been a real pleasure to meet up again with forensic archaeologist Ruth and DCI Harry Nelson as they, once again, try to piece together a complicated mystery which draws on local folklore about the eponymous Lantern Men, whilst at the same trying to bring closure to a mystifying case of a clutch of young women who are missing in suspicious circumstances.

At the start of the novel much has changed for Ruth and her daughter Kate, and I won't spoil the story by revealing too much, but for a time I was a little concerned that this rather big change would mean that the dynamic between Ruth and Harry would be diminished but I needn't have worried as their connection is as strong as ever and, if anything, these changes only add to the undeniable attraction they share. The atmospheric mystery at the heart of the novel is as complex as ever and there are some interesting developments which all add up to a fascinating murder/mystery invest.

The plot is as tight as ever with more than enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the final reveal. However, I think that the overall strength of this series undoubtedly lies in the way the established characters come to life and those who have followed the series from the beginning will be delighted to see all the old friends returning to do what they do best with their usual fine attention to professional detail.

The Lantern Men is a great read from start to finish. The narrative flows seamlessly and I was so engrossed with the place, the plot and the people I didn’t notice time passing.

Recommended ✅ Definitely, it's a big yes from me, but my advice is to invest in the time to read  this series from the beginning. You won’t be disappointed.

Elly Griffiths was born in London. She worked in publishing for many years. Her bestselling series of Dr Ruth Galloway novels, featuring a forensic archaeologist are set in Norfolk.The series has won the CWA Dagger in the library, and has been shortlisted three times for the Theakston's Old Peculiar Crime Novel of theYear. Her Stephens and Mephisto series is based in 1950s Brighton. She lives near Brighton with her husband and their two children.

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