Friday 26 January 2018

Review ~ Baby Boom! by Helen Wallen

25 January 2018
My thanks to the publishers for the review copy of this book

What's it all about...

Increased face-girth, back acne and gagging every time she's in the presence of vegetables isn't quite the beautiful start Emily had planned for her unborn baby...
Molly's unexpected pregnancy somehow turns her boyfriend into the poncy-vegan-nut-milk-enforcer, but she breezes it, as she breezes everything. (Including still being able to eat avocados much to Emily's annoyance.)
Liz quickly realises if she's to move her life on, she needs to get rid of the married man she's in love with - especially now she's realised he's been hiding more than his wedding ring...

What did I think about it ...

When I first started to read Baby Boom! I was afraid that I wasn't in the right demographic as both my babies were born a long time ago, long before the arrival of mobile phones, internet access and social media, but I needn't have worried because despite this the story drew me in from the beginning, and I enjoyed getting to know Emily, Molly and Liz as they all embarked upon a new time in their lives.

The author has an easy style of writing, and the story with its with sharp and sassy chapters, which are interspersed with Whatsapp conversations between the three friends, all help to bring the narrative right up to date. Following the highs and lows of this feisty trio with their witty observations about life, relationships and pregnancy made me smile.

I found much to like in Baby Boom! and I was pleased to discover that despite the advent of social media, pretty much everything about what its like being pregnant is just as I remembered it from 30 years ago.

I am sure that those who follow the author's successful blog "Just A Normal Mummy" will be excited to see what she has done with this, her debut novel.

About the Author

Helen Wallen is a blogger, funny lady, mother of two, and all round gin, wine and cake enthusiast. Formerly a copywriter/PR-type person, she is now dedicated to growing human-beings in her uterus and blogging about life with babies, toddlers and beyond.

Helen's award winning 'Just a Normal Mummy' blog is the inspiration and basis for her first witty, and hilariously honest, debut fiction title BABY BOOM!

Twitter @wallymummy #BabyBoom

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