Thursday 7 April 2016

Change of Book Title..

A Marketing Evolution

Michele Gorman's latest novel is being reissued in the US with her original title and a brand new cover. Since changing titles after publication is fairly unusual in publishing, we thought you might like to hear a little bit about it.

When the UK distribution rights were sold to Avon (Harper Collins), the working title of the novel was Boyfriends Recycled - it's about three best friends who recycle their exes in exchange for an upgrade (wouldn’t that be fantastic in real life?!)

Publishers often change working titles to fit in better with the readers in their markets, and Avon felt that Match Me If You Can was a better title for the UK, so we changed the title for the US too.
Here’s the original UK cover designed by Avon, which was published in January.

Since lots of book review blogs have a global readership, we wanted to avoid any confusion over titles during the publication period, so for the US publication we kept the cover consistent with Avon’s in terms of the title, fonts and the heart image. 

But Michele was really keen to have the original title in the US, so we’ve just given it a bright new cover that captures the story and tone of the book. We hope you love it!

* And Amazon has made the change so that readers who bought the original eBook can't accidentally buy the new title - clever Amazonians! *

My thanks to Notting Hill Press for this information.


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