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Victoria Saccenti talking about her debut novel

September 15

"Destiny has the final word...."

Victoria ~ welcome to Jaffareadstoo and thanks for spending time with us...

Hello, Jo and readers of Jaffareadstoo.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to speak about my novel, Destiny’s Plan.

Your debut novel, Destiny’s Plan, is set during the turbulent Vietnam War. What can you share with us about the story that won’t give too much away?

Despite appearances, Destiny’s Plan is not about war, it’s a story about love and spiritual growth in difficult times. Because of the decade, the Vietnam War cannot be ignored; it is a looming, constant presence. However, there is more, the period was rich and full of groundbreaking changes. As the narrative follows Raquelita’s footsteps, her challenges, defeats, and triumphs, the counter cultures of the era, such as drug experimentation, rebellion against the establishment, and the sexual revolution are also explored. 

Destiny’s Plan is a story about ill-fated love and duty to one’s country – in your research for the novel, did you discover anything which surprised you?

For years I believed the US government supported the troops in Vietnam with all its resources. Not quite. The propaganda was good, but when it came to arms provisioning, intelligence, and political alliances it was mostly a smoke screen. On the opposite side, the faith and dedication of the men in combat moved me to tears. The majority of those details fell on the cutting room floor. I may have found such revelations fascinating, but I didn’t want to bore readers with military minutiae.

Where did the idea for the characters come from and did you base any of them on people you know?

I worked for an international carrier for many years. In my travels, I watched young servicemen, in groups or alone, going back and forth on orders. More than once I wondered about their lives, their loves, their fears, and their beliefs. The idea sprouted there. For the rest, I suppose all writers inject into their stories what they know. I grew up in a Spanish-Latin environment. I used that as a reference for the interaction and conflict between mother and daughter.

Have you written the type of book you like to read and what would you say has influenced your writing?

Writing about the sixties was a total pantser event – as in people who don’t plan their books – but my characters required it and I had to adapt. I love historical fiction and complex, emotional stories that satisfy my Latin temperament, so yes, I wrote the type of book I like to read. I adore Dorothy Dunnett and Linda Gillard in English and Isabel Allende and Laura Esquivel in Spanish, I can only hope something good from them stuck. 

When do you find the time to write, and do you have a favourite place to do your writing?

I write best in my cave and in the morning, which can be difficult to manage when you have a home and a husband. My office is my refuge. I hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle. The sign doesn’t always work.  

Destiny’s Plan is the first book in a proposed series – at this stage in your writing, do you know where the other books in the series are leading, or are you a…. “Let’s wait and see sort of writer”...?

Book two follows Maritรฉ’s story, Raquelita’s younger sister. It’s already plotted and planned. Not a pantser this time. However, due to the length of the novel, I have decided to split the book in two. I also have in mind a spinoff, shorter story, based on Richard, a surprisingly attractive character from Destiny’s Plan. 

How long do we have to wait before the second book is ready to be published?

If the writing and promoting gods cooperate, I should have Maritรฉ’s Choice, Part One ready to roll by spring of 2016.

Victoria, thanks so much for giving us such a thoughtful insight into Destiny's Plan. Jaffa and I wish you much success with your writing and hope you'll come back and visit us again soon.

Thanks again Jo, it has been a pleasure visiting with you. 

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August 2015

What's it all about :

When Raquelita Muro and Matthew Buchanan meet by chance on a Greyhound bus between Texas and Tallahassee, neither suspects Fate is about to take over.

Raquelita, a gentle girl under the heel of her abusive mother, finds this kind young man a miracle. Matthew, an idealistic young soldier, discovers this sweet-natured girl is an angel in need of a guardian. However, the next stop on Matthew’s journey is Fort Benning to report for deployment to Vietnam, while Raquelita’s destination is set at her mother’s whim. Regardless of the forces tearing them apart, they discover a way to secretly span the distance, to end up closer than ever. But Fate is rarely kind. The vagaries of war—and the unstable tempers of Raquelita’s mother—intervene, leaving both ill-fated lovers feeling there is no hope for their love.

Set in the turbulent era of the Vietnam War, Raquelita’s and Matthew’s story is one of love, loss, lost faith, shattered memories, deferred dreams and broken promises. Will Fate tear apart these two damaged souls, leaving them desperately alone forever, or will they finally overcome Fate, their bond stronger than they ever thought possible?

Take a look at the trailer for Destiny's Plan.

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  1. Wonderful interview. Lovely trailer. Anyone who has loved, lost innocence, and triumphed over adversity should have this as a must read. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Maria - thanks for visiting. It was my pleasure to share this lovely interview :)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Victoria. To be mentioned in the same sentence as the legendary Dorothy Dunnett is a great honour. :-) I've shared your interview on my Facebook page.

    1. Hi Linda - Nice to see you. Thanks for sharing x


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