Sunday 7 June 2015

Sunday WW1 Poets...

This month's theme 

The Female Poets of the First World War

Charlotte Mary Mew

1869 - 1928

June , 1915

Who thinks of June’s first rose today?
Only some child, perhaps, with shining eyes and 
rough bright hair will reach it down.
In a green sunny lane, to us almost as far away
As are the fearless stars from these veiled lamps of town.
What’s little June to a great broken world with eyes gone dim
From too much looking on the face of grief, the face of dread?
Or what’s the broken word to June and him
Of the small eager hand, the shining eyes, the rough bright head?

Charlotte Mew was an English author and poet.Born in London, in 1869, she was the eldest of seven and grew up in a family doomed by tragedy. Her poetry is rich and varied, from post- modernism to dramatic monologues, with stark and often passionate themes, she conjures a time of great uncertainty.

I thought this poem was particularly relevant by its date.


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