Saturday 23 May 2015

Death Wish by Megan Tatye


In Search for the meaning of Death. She'll find Life

Scarlett Blake returns to Twycombe in Devon, ostensibly to find out why her seventeen year old sister, Sienna, would take her own life.  The place is filled with memories of when Scarlett and Sienna were younger and would spend the holidays with their grandparents at the beach resort. The bitter sweet memories of this time remain but nestling under the surface are the dreams and realities which threaten Scarlett’s peace of mind, and which, when she delves further will shed light on rather more than Sienna’s untimely demise.

Aimed at young adults, this age–appropriate story looks at life and love and of the consequences of our actions and how they affect other people. Nicely written with a fine eye for detail, the author has captured the mood of a place with dark secrets and yet, there is contrasting light to the shade and it is peopled by characters that remain with you.

I am sure that young adult readers who enjoy paranormal stories will find much to enjoy in this coming of age novel.

My thanks to the author for sharing her work with me.


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