Monday 25 May 2015

Bloggers on the Blog.....Beadyjans Books

Bloggers on the blog

My latest feature showcases some of the best of the book blogging community. 

These are the unsung heroes who are constantly on the look out for new and exciting books 

and who give so generously of their time ,energy and expertise.

I am delighted to welcome


Jan Lambert

 from the excellent blog

What makes you want to blog about books? 

I love to talk about what I’ve read but none of my close family or friends read the kind of books I enjoy. Blogging helps me share my thoughts and engage with others with similar tastes and helps make reading not such a solitary pleasure as it would be if I weren’t able to share what I thought and felt about my latest reads. 

What type of book makes you happy? 

Would it be weird to say I’m happiest when a book makes me cry, (or get angry or shout out loud?) Anything which is well written enough to engender strong emotions in me gives me enough of a buzz to flood me with happy hormones. 

Which book have you recommended the most? 

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber, it’s my desert island book, it has enough characters and sub plots going on, for at least some part of it to appeal to most readers and it would stand up to several re-readings as it’s such a huge and wonderfully engaging read. 

Which is the best book you received as a gift? 

I don’t often receive books as gifts, but one I really treasure is a copy of For the love of Wildlife an autobiographical book about the wildlife reserve Harnas in Namibia, signed and presented to me by Marieta Van Der Merwe the owner during a wonderful visit, its more than a book it’s a lifelong memory. 

Which book has sent a shiver down your spine? 

It takes quite a lot to scare me literary wise, but I did find the stupendously dark psychological thriller Who Are you by Elizabeth Forbes had me looking over my shoulder a few times. 

How many books do you have, as yet unread, on your book shelves? 

Oh crikey, they’re not just on my bookshelves and in cupboards but I read a lot of ebooks, and my kindle, ereader and laptop are all bursting with many, many, hundreds of books I just can’t get around to. 

Tell me about a book you've read more than three times

I haven’t – life’s far too short to read any book more than once, and I’m not a fast reader so once I’ve finished a book it’s very unlikely I’ll re-read it. 

What’s your idea of book heaven or book hell? 

Hmm I take it you mean type of book? Heaven is a tense psychological thriller, in a dark domestic setting, with a strong female protagonist I can relate to on some level and a situation I’d hate to be in, and it’s almost certainly written in first person (not that I’m fussy or anything). 

Book hell is anything whose blurb begins “Retired police sergeant ….” Or “Feisty CIA officer …” (or with a title beginning 50 shades of ….) 

Where is your favourite reading place? 

Apart from in bed where I get most of my serious reading done, anywhere warm, comfortable and quiet where I can curl up undisturbed with my book, preferably with a ready supply of good coffee, so my local coffee shop is used to seeing me in a quiet corner glued to my e-reader. 

What has been your favourite book of the far ? 

Strangely, although I love psychological thrillers best of all and I’ve read a few great ones so far already this year, the book which really made an impression on me was Bird Box by Josh Maierman an unusual, scary, post-apocalyptic fantasy which thoroughly intrigued me. 

Huge thanks to Janet for giving so generously of her time.

Jaffa and I love visiting your blog

Long may it continue.



  1. Thank you for having me, Jaffa and Jo xx

    1. It was a pleasure Jan. Thanks for joining in with the fun :)

  2. Lovely to see you Jan, I am dying to read bird box, heard so much about it. Lovely pic!


    1. I agree, Lainy - Bird Box sounds fascinating :)

    2. Thanks Lainy - I think you will enjoy Bird Box too


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