Sunday 8 February 2015

Sunday War Poet..

The theme for this month's WW1 war poems



Under the Shadow

Edith Nesbit

1858 - 1924

Under the shadow of a hawthorn brake,
Where bluebells draw the sky down to the wood,
Where, 'mid brown leaves, the primroses awake
And hidden violets smell of solitude;
Beneath green leaves bright-fluttered by the wing
Of fleeting, beautiful, immortal Spring,
I should have said, 'I love you,' and your eyes
Have said, 'I, too . . . ' The gods saw otherwise.

For this is winter, and the London streets
Are full of soldiers from that far, fierce fray
Where life knows death, and where poor glory meets
Full-face with shame, and weeps and turns away.
And in the broken, trampled foreign wood
Is horror, and the terrible scent of blood,
And love shines tremulous, like a drowning star,
Under the shadow of the wings of war.

First Published December ,1915

Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) was an English author and poet whose children's works were published under the name of E. Nesbit. She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television. She was also a political activist and co-founded the Fabian Society, a precursor to the modern Labour Party.


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    1. Thanks Leah - I absolutely agree. It's one of my favourites x

  2. When I saw the name, I thought it might be the children's author - but I didn't know about the Fabian Society. So thank you for that information, and thank you too for another moving poem.

    1. Your'e welcome. Yes,this is the E Nesbit who wrote The Railway Children.
      Glad you liked the poem.x


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