Thursday 19 February 2015

Review ~ Wilderness Trail of Love by Dorothy Wiley

American Wilderness Book 1

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Set in 1797, this romantic adventure takes the reader on a thrilling journey into the “brave new world” of the early American pioneers. Stephen Wylie has a thirst for land, and his search for his dream lifestyle means uprooting his wife and children from their home in New Hampshire, to travel into the wilderness of Kentucky. Their journey is fraught with danger and Stephen and his lovely wife, Jane, must face untold difficulties and heartbreak as they trek along the pioneer trail. However, it is their overriding passion for each other which holds the family together and which forms the basis of the story.

The book is professionally finished to a very high standard, and the light and easy style of writing compliments an engaging storyline. There is good attention to detail and the historical setting appears appropriate for time and place. I knew very little about the early American pioneers, but the author writes with authority about a period of history with which she is familiar, and this certainly helps to make the story an enjoyable and worthwhile read. The introduction of other major characters lends itself very nicely to a continuation of the story in further books, which I am sure will expand and develop the story of the Wylie family as they settle into the unfamiliar territory of a new lifestyle.

The romantic and sensual cover art depicts accurately that this story is primarily a romantic read; however, there are enough thrills and spills in the narrative to satisfy those readers who also like historical adventure. I have no hesitation in recommending Wilderness Trail of Love as an enjoyable and exciting romantic adventure.

Reviewed for the Historical Novel Society Indie Reviews


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