Monday 15 December 2014

Liza Perrat's Itty Bitty Christmas...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas


What’s your earliest Christmas Memory?

Christmas morning of 1974, when we awoke to learn that the city of Darwin had been destroyed by cyclone Tracy overnight. Years later, I wrote a short story about it– Santa Never Made It-­ in my Australian short story collection...
  Friends, Family and Other Strangers From Downunder:

Do you have any special Christmas Traditions?

When I was a child we always had Chinese takeway with our neighbours every Christmas Eve. Commonplace nowadays, it was a bit of a treat in the 70s. Nothing special these days besides a beach BBQ, as I’m often home in Australia for Christmas.

What’s your favourite festive carol or song?

None, they all make me feel nostalgic and melancholy (no idea why).

 Do you have a favourite festive film?

That would have to be A Charlie Brown Christmas

What’s your favourite festive read ?

Gone with the Wind (not really festive, I know, but….)

Are you organised or do you leave everything until the last minute ?

Try to buy presents online, or before December and avoid the shops at all costs after that. Food is last-minute though.

Christmas Tree – real or artificial?

Real, from the nursery in our village (when I’m in France), then I curse about having to sweep up pine needles every day.

Tinsel or Glitter?


Gingerbread Latte or Orange spiced Hot Chocolate?

Orange-spiced Hot Chocolate. In fact, anything that contains chocolate.

Mince Pie or Yule Log?

Yule log

Christmas Dinner – Traditional Turkey or something Different?

Never a turkey as nobody in the family likes it. Usually a seafood platter, or a capon, or boeuf en croûte with truffle sauce …mmnn

Christmas Tipple – Bucks Fizz/Mulled Wine or something stronger?


A fun game of after dinner charades or more chocolates and the television?

TV in bed and more chocolates… and a good book.

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Jaffa and I wish you a very Merry Christmas



  1. What a charming interview! Thank you~
    I'm not from UK, so ecopy and I would love to win Spirit of Lost Angels.
    Have a lovely holidays!

    1. Thank you for visiting Bo and for joining in with this festive giveaway. Happy Holidays to you too :)


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