Saturday 1 June 2013

Review ~ Tristan and Iseult by J D Smith

Tristan and Iseult
Quinn Publications (13 May 2013)

AStory of Promise

The Legend of Love

The moment I saw the cover I wanted this book, not just because Tristan and Iseult is one of my all time favourite love stories, but because there was the undeniable promise of rediscovering this lovely story all over again. I wasn’t disappointed; the story captures perfectly both the yearning and disappointment of a young warrior who must abide by the rules of loyalty, and the enigmatic and beautiful Irish princess who is bartered and sold to the highest bidder. The mesmeric quality of the narrative captures the very essence of the story which, without ever resorting to either graphic sexual content or gory brutality, manages to convey both simmering passion and the ever present threat of danger.

There is always the possibility that the retelling of a classic tale can become simply a mild shadow of the original, but there is no doubt that with this novella, J D Smith has recreated a poignant and beautiful version, which deserves to do really well. 

My thanks to the author and Triskele Books for my copy of this book

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