Sunday 30 June 2013

Review ~ Sleeping in Eden by Nicole Baart

Sleeping in Eden: A Novel
Howard Books
May 21st 2013

She knew what he wrote . . . 

One little word that made her feel both cheated and beloved. 

One word that changed everything. 


When Doctor Lucas Hudson is called to view a body hanging from the rafters of the barn, it is assumed that Jim Sparks has committed suicide; the mystery deepens when a skeleton of a young woman is unearthed in the dirt below where the body hangs. For Doctor Hudson, this poses a dilemma, as with the body is a ring which Hudson decides to keep as a peace offering for his wife Jenna.

This murder mystery novel is divided into almost two separate books and as the story of Meg Painter and Dylan Reid, high school sweethearts starts to unfold, there is little correlation between the two stories, and then gradually inch by inch, the strands interlink and it becomes clearer why these two stories should combine.

Well written and imaginative, this story evokes strong emotions and combines sentiment with gritty realism. Overall, this is a good read, the author clearly knows her audience and has written several books with an overt Christian theme, and whilst this is not my usual genre, I can appreciate that fans Christian themed novels , will find much to enjoy in this latest book from Nicole Baart.

My thanks to NetGalley and Howard Books from my digital copy of this book to read and review.

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  1. I do like crime books not sure about this one though. I'm not anti Christian themed books although I don't like it pushed onto a reader and those I have read have been paced about right. It's a fine balance I think.


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