Friday 15 February 2013

Friday Recommends...

The Firebird
ALLISON & BUSBY (28 Jan 2013)


Nicola Marter has the unique ability to be able to hold an object and see into its past. This exceptional gift is something that in her professional life in London, as a Russian antiquities dealer, she attempts to hide, but when she is allowed to touch a beautiful wooden carving of a Russian firebird she is instantly aware of the history surrounding it. Nicola’s boss Sebastian convinces the seller of the firebird that it is worthless, but Nicola realising how precious the firebird is to the seller, is determined to find out more about its history. Travelling to Scotland, Nicola recruits the help of her friend, Rob McMorran, who also has this special psychic gift, and together they set out on a quest, which will take them from Scotland, to Belgium and finally, to St Petersburg in Russia.

There is not a single minute of wasted reading time in this book as the story line is compelling. The dual time narrative is seamless and captivates throughout in a story which is rich in emotion and strong on historical detail. There is no doubt that Susanna Kearsley is a master story teller, her ability to weave written magic is present in every word of her dialogue and in the way in which she effortlessly crosses time to create an unshakeable emotional bond with all her characters.

The added inclusion of references to a couple of her previous novels, adds a nice touch of continuity, but it’s really not essential to have read either The Shadowy Horses or Sophia’s Secret, as The Firebird is more than capable of standing alone.

I have now read all of Susanna Kearsley’s books to date and without doubt The Firebird is one of my favourites.

5 *****

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